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Government Grant

We help clients apply various government funds by presenting their cases in the most favorable light that maximizes their chance of success.

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Employment Support Scheme (ESS)

The Government subsidizes employers to pay salaries for 6-month

Max HK$9,000 /month x 6 months = HK$54,000 for each staff with MPF contribution.

For each employee with MPF contribution, the employer will be eligible to get 50% of salary subsidies, cap at HK$9,000.

The employer promises not to layoff employees during this period

Self-employed persons with MPF contribution can get one-off subsidy.

The first batch of subsidies will be released in June 2020.

Contact us immediately to avoid delay in receiving fund!!!

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D Biz

Maximum HK$300,000 / company that help business to operate online:

-  Duration : 6 months only from 1 May 2020

-  Expedited approval process in 10 days

-  100% funding the expenditure (not matching fund).

-  Pre- approved IT solutions for selection

   > online stores

   > e-marketing

   > cybersecurity

   > remote document management

   > remove team management

   > virtual meeting

Government Grant: Services

Export Marketing Scheme (EMF)

Maximum HK$800,000 / company that covers:

- Set up/enhance website/mobile app

- Participate in trade fairs/exhibitions (HK /overseas)

- Advertise on trade publications

- Export promotion activities conduct through electronic platforms/media

- Fee for placing advertisement;

keyword searching on electronic platforms/media;

product information listing fee;

- Set up/enhance/promote online shop on electronic platforms/media.

- Participate Business missions

Government reimburses 50% of expenditure incurred.

Can apply 75% initial payment before the start of the project.  Or

Apply with 60 days after the completion of the activities

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Inside Business

Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD)

Maximum HK$2,000,000 for China and HK$2,000,000 for other countries including ASEAN, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Macao, and Georgia.

Maximum project duration 24 months

Government reimburses 50% of expenditure incurred.

Can apply up to a 75% initial payment before the start of the project.

Get approval first before the start of the project

The fund covers the following:

* Set up companies & offices overseas

* Employing staff

* Purchase equipment

* Register trademark \ patent

* Develop website\mobile apps\online platform

* Produce samples\marketing materials

* Promote and advertise business

* Employ consultants

* Participate in roadshows and exhibitions

Example of projects:

* Setting up business in overseas markets

* Strengthen sales team

* Expand domestic sales overseas

* Upgrade ERP system

* Produce marketing materials to upgrade brand equity

Government Grant: Welcome
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Retail Technology Adoption Assistance Scheme (ReTAAS)

Maximum HK$50,000 per company

Government reimburses 50% of expenditure incurred.

Must have retail experience as the fund focuses on retail industry

No initial payment

Get approval first before start of the project

Example of projects:

* Point-of-sales (POS) System

* E-shop

* Electronic Payment System

* Mobile Apps

* Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) System

* Inventory Management System

* Human Resource s/ Staff eLearning System

* Security and Surveillance System (e.g. CCTV)

* Product Kiosk

* Accounting System

* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

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1. Unlisted companies registered in Hong Kong

2. Employ less than 50 persons

3. Have substantive business operation, which means have business transactions,

employ staff, establish office, complete audit exercise, pay profits tax before.

4. Has an office in Hong Kong.

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