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Corporate Secretarial Services

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Company Struture

Hong Kong Limited company structure

Every limited company would have at least one shareholder (investor) and one director (person in charge).  One person can act as shareholder and director at the same time.  Each limited company must have one Company Secretary, in charge of statutory compliance requirements.  Our company provides professional corporate secretarial services. 


There is no minimum registered capital requirement in Hong Kong.  The minimum authorized share capital can be as low as HK$1.  Usually Hong Kong companies start off at  HK$10,000 share capital.  Companies can increase share capital subsequently. 

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Incorporation Procedure

You can either choose from a list of ready-made shelf companies or incorporate a brand new company from the scratch.

Ready-made shelf companies

You can simply choose your company from a list of hundreds of ready-made shelf companies.

Over hundreds of newly incorporated shelf companies are available for your selection. 

Once confirmed, shares can be transferred to you within one day. 

You would also be registered as director at the same time. 

The whole process can be completed in 1 (ONE) day.

Please contact us to get the list of shelf companies.

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Register your own company

A new company with a designed name can be incorporated within two weeks. 

Name search will be performed to confirm the company names are available for use.

Upon our proper submission of relevant documents, the 'Certificate of Incorporation'  and 'Business Registration' would be issued by the Hong Kong Companies Registry.

As we are the authorized 'Trust and Company Secretary Provider" we can incorporate your company in 1 (ONE) working day.

We also provide services to assist your opening of bank accounts in Hong Kong.

Opening bank accounts

Opening bank accounts requires a number of documents, which we would prepare for you.

All shareholders and directors have to be physically present in the bank and have a simple interview.

A simply business plan need to be prepared to show the business model.

Shareholders and directors need to demonstrate they know the business well and are able to manage a sustainable business.

Due to new legislation, all shareholders and directors need to disclose their tax residence (places they need to pay tax) to the banks.

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